Thirsty at the Fountain.

thirsty_background011Who is not just loving the new Danity Kane, or DK3, song “Lemonde”?  I mean it is something we all can understand with the haters being thirsty for more drama and your reaction to the drama.  And we all know we must not give in to our own thirst from our various triggers that make us a hater.  But my beef today goes to the man,or woman, stealing thirsty tricks.  Yes I’m talking to you trifling tricks, determined to undermine others’ happiness because you can’t find your own.  So get ready for today’s judgmental rant dedicated to the thirsty.

So earlier I talked about my frustration towards those who date attractive people and complain about those recognizing the same physical attribute you yourself did (see here). I got some heat but hey, it’s all my opinion based on my own experiences so I’m cool with the criticism. However I actually already had this post in the works because I’m nothing if not fair and balance, and I actually have more of a beef with those with the audacity to believe they are that special to take another man, or the lower morals to put that audacious nature into action.

imageSo let’s talk about the thirsty gay men, and it will be brief.  You are sad.  You are in a gay club and from my own experiences, a majority of those in flirting distance from you are nice and single.  It boggles the mind how often I see gay men cry about being single when there are gay single men everywhere.  Sweetie, we are drowning in gay single men, and while the quality can be a bit suspect, it tends to be everyone drooling over, some fashion model, movie star, or sports figure that just happened to forget his underwear while taking a selfie (click here).  Come on people get out of your own way and stop being single, because the well is not dry, you just want Avion and Perrier, instead of  Deer Park, or hell that good old tap water.  It might not exactly be what you want, or not what you imagine you need, but in reality it is everything you are too blind to realize is your thirst quencher.

I’m the single leading the single, but I’m single because I don’t want to compromise my career path and my current personal growth.  I know where I am headed is going to be a challenge for me; I can’t put my burdens onto someone else.  And yes, I am currently in the eyes of a few who are willing to take this journey with me, but all I see is compromise so it’s just not the time. But they aren’t thirsty and neither am I.  You thirsty trick try everything to jump on a man, no mater if they are attached, and some times because they are.

So hey thirsty, yes I’m talking to you. Pull it together and open your eyes. There is no shortage of men so get some thirstyvalues and stop being so slutatious.  I mean if you’re a ho, own it so I can tag you and move right on by.  I’m not going to spend my time worrying about known hoes, but the sneaky bitches are the ones I’m referring to that try to be your friend, all the while texting your man (I’ll talk to my man as to why that ho has his number in the first place), or grabbing all on him when we are all out together (again my man better respond right to those advances).

I’m not an aggressive person, but I’m fiercely protective of my family, friends and yes, my man.



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