Toast at Midnight

It is December 31st and the year is coming to a close. It's the time of year most people break out their party clothes, rush to the nearest house party or club, and ring in the next year with pomp and circumstance. It's tradition and it's inevitable. I've already made my plans for the evening... Continue Reading →


Chasing the First

We do a lot of looking back trying to reclaim something that has long since passed.  It could be the first time you fell in love, which I have seen be the most common chase; or it can be chasing the first of the year to start over and make this time count.  We are... Continue Reading →

Placeholder-Consolation Friend

This is a weird post for me to write, because I care about all of my friends; from my best girlfriend living in Charlotte, NC to the same as my Facebook friend in Dallas, TX. Much of this has to do with me being compassionate and empathetic causing me to constantly feeling, which gets me... Continue Reading →

Race for a Mate

It's not as if wanting a partner is a new thing.  Most are born into a family seeing loving parents, and as children we try to emulate everything from how they dress, how they drive, and yes how they love someone. We go through elementary school, to middle, to high school exploring our sexuality and... Continue Reading →

The Value of My Love

It never fails that a break up can bring up issues with self-doubt and self-esteem.  I hate to even call my latest situation a relationship or a break up, but it was the beginning of something I was excited about. This "man" pursued me for a year and I finally gave things a chance; but... Continue Reading →

Scared of Beautiful

Today I wanted to share an older blog post that rang true to me over the past weekend. Please enjoy.


I’ve always known the true  power of music in life and for the soul. Recently I purchased the new album of a long time favorite Brandy and was amazed at how many songs told the story of my life.  One in particular gave me such a shock to my heart I felt it was time to reveal and own up to my biggest fear..myself.

Scared of beautiful tells the story of someone who is scared of the power they have inside.  I don’t see beautiful as merely surface cb964f482-1beauty but beauty from within as well. To shine no matter the surroundings and not be ashamed to be successful. It’s not just self confidence that is lacking, it’s a sense of shame that you can be great and should be great. It’s fearing reprisals from those unable to attain the level of success you can. It’s fear that you are only…

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I just got finished watching the movie Beyond the Lights and let me say it was just amazing( review still to come).  Truth be told I am a sucker for any movie that has songs by Nina Simone sprinkled throughout it( Thomas Crown Affair is my favorite movie). Blackbird was the feature song in this... Continue Reading →

Black on Black Lie

In the wake of the non indictment reality we are currently facing, I feel it's time for me to weigh in with a bit more class and compassion than many others have, especially the news networks.  I have long stopped watching the news because I see a lack of real reporting going on.  I was... Continue Reading →

Fly Before You Fall

I feel very fortunate to have a love for music.  I feel amazing and blessed to be a writer creating short stories, novels, and some poetry.  There is just something so special about anyone that can transport you to another world, or touch a part in your heart that no one else was aware existed.... Continue Reading →

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