You signed up for it.

I often talk about our decisions in life being our own.  I mean do you really need to buy those Gucci loafers and overdraft your account? Or get that speeding ticket because Scandal was on in five minutes?  But the big one I get tired of are the complains on jealousy.  Why date someone if you feel you might have to hire a surveillance team to keep your man yours?

imageI’m not an insecure brotha by any means.  For me I believe the Universe will provide so if my man feels the grass is green than more power to him; we are not a match.  I am thrilled to not be with someone who can’t appreciate what I have to offer; and I have been thought of as cold with the ease at which I can discard men who I’m not compatible with.  I always see it as allowing both of us to be happy and find our true mates.  Why just be okay in a relationship when joy is available with patience and proper intention?  So when I date I go in and leave with confidence, unshaken by the thirsty gay men out there ( so many thirsty gays). What I don’t understand is knowing your man is hot, his physical appearance being one of the main reasons you decided to date him, and then getting upset that everyone else saw the exact same thing you did. Child bye!

I have nothing wrong with overtly attractive men but give me a six or sevenimage any day.  I’ve been with eights and nines, (by societal standards) and I just don’t feel like dealing with it.  I am thrilled you are hot, but I’m have decided not to bring potentially extra drama into my life.  The fact is I’m not going to glare at the creepy guy following us at the mall.  I’m not going to bring to your attention the smiles from women when we are chilling at the beach.  And I for damn sure would appreciate you keeping similar information to yourself.  I will compliment you and show you affection and my joy over you choosing me as your partner, but expecting me to get jealous, or needing that is where I draw a line.  So for me, I am not inviting that in my life, but for others that kind of drama is okay because of the status associated with dating a dime.

I’m going to even take a step way back and be basic.  Sweetie, you are dating a person with model looks when you didn’t have to.  It doesn’t have to be as egotistical as wanting a status symbol but you had to know what you were signing up for when you decided to join together with your Greek god. If not then, now you do any either deal with it with class or move on to something less complicated.  Nothing at all wrong with a fully loaded Honda, but you still want that Bentley so enjoy the ride.  That Bentley also is a bitch on maintenance, you have to keep it clean at everyone moment, and the 2009 model might not be looking so good now that its 2014, so consider that in your purchase.

The short and the long of it is, if you can’t handle being in the club with the hottest guy there, don’t be.  But if you feel you got this, don’t say boo to me about how hard it is, and how you fighting off the thirsty.  I didn’t date him, you did. Enjoy your decision.




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