I’m Mindful. I’m Grateful. I’m Love.

imageToday I felt like being lighter on my subject, especially seeing as winter has decided not to be nice with it bitter cold winds, and dreary grey skies. Today I am on day twelve of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s 21 day Meditation called the Energy of Attraction.  This meditation cycle focuses on how to tap into the pure, unlimited course of possibility and potentiality that is within us and all around us; and I have to say it’s uncanny how I am in such a need for something and then these free meditations pop up with exactly what I needed at that moment.  In the spring it was Finding you Flow which was extremely helpful for me; and the first one I started with was Miraculous Relationships, also very beneficial and timely at that moment. I just waned to really talk about the universe and the energy around us that we can access by this wonderful blessing that is meditation.

I am a spiritual person, which should be obvious by now.  I love meditation and I am one of those loons that feels I will be able to unlock unknown portions of my mind through deep concentration and mindful intention.  I don’t know if I will be able to move things with my mind or read people’s thoughts; however I already feel I can read myself much better and also connect with other’s energy when I am around them.  I don’t feel like it’s a mystical power, only available to Buddhist or Pagans, or chosen people.  I see it as a part of us that we lost our connection to, deciding that the emerging science that was coming and the spiritual world were different and at odds with each other.  It seems like ever religion has some stories of unknown miracles that we chalk up to just for that particular saint or shaman; and really just a tale to illustrate a lesson we should learn in our daily lives.  That could very well be the case, but I like to believe in something more; that these miracles are available to us with deliberate attention if we set our intention properly.

Now, what does all this mean and where in the world am I going with this? Well I might just be rambling a bit but I get excited and energized after I meditate. My mind is sharp, my senses seem turned up to high and in the beginning it was the most scary thing I’d ever experienced.  I really can kind of focus and hear conversations at a greater distance than I could before.  Not only that, I sometimes feel like I can and have zeroed in on particular functions in my body and just experienced what they were doing for me (which helps me know almost immediately if I am about to get sick or not). As loony toons as I am coming off, I’m grateful to this gift of meditation and mindfulness.  The science is out there on the benefits of meditation.  In Buddhist tradition, meditation really is only for a specific group of monks that did nothing all day but mediation.  Us, as laypeople, we’re not suppose to meditate, as it is an advance technique.  I want to stay away (this time) on taking it to my Buddhist faith because the benefits of a Western style meditation practice are still valuable in my opinion.

imageI do typically get upset over how we in the United States take over everything, and we have sure co-oped Buddhist principles, making it trendy and not as the Buddha intended; but even that isn’t exactly correct.  The Buddha was very clear in saying not to get bogged down in the dogma of his teaches.  He wanted our experiences to be the ONLY teacher and not his words.  He wanted us to try what worked for him; if we saw a value to our lives that could lead us to a life without suffering than we were honor bounded to continue, but if that practice was of no use in aiding to that goal, we were to cast it aside and try something else.  There wasn’t a one size fits all and I choose to believe, and practice by the standards of the Buddha as opposed to more hardcore Buddhist monks and practitioners.  Trust me, Christians and Muslims don’t hold the entire fundamentalist market on how to practice a faith. (I tried not to go all Buddhist on you but failed).

So as my rambling just got a bit out of control, I’m gonna share with you my reason for this post.  Get out of your heads once in a while.  I am a cerebral person.  It is a struggle to not look deep at even the smallest things, but that is fun and exciting for me.  To see all the colors of something that is supposed to only be red.  Sweetie I can see the blue, the purple and green.  I can see all the colors because I decided it was important to me to engage my mind more than we have been told we can, and mediation and mindfulness are a key competent as to why I am able to do this.  I do feel like I had these gifts before meditation; like I knew I was Buddhist while being raised in the Baptist church, but didn’t know the terms or how to practice.  Once I came to learn what Buddhism was, it was a light, a spark and a relief to know their was a faith for how I already was living my life (unsuccessfully at many points).  Meditation is a tool for me to deepen myself and my mind that I value so much.

imageThis post simply was about a joy and surge of energy I obtained after a great meditative morning.  I’m glad I was able to share it with you all.  Have a great weekend.



2 thoughts on “I’m Mindful. I’m Grateful. I’m Love.

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  1. Hey! I´m on the Deepak and Oprah meditation thingy too! And I love it!!! Nice post, by the way 😉
    I had a cool meditative morning as well, love those 21 day meditation experiences!

    Love and peace ❤


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