Not Black Enough???

This post comes after watching the movie Dear White People and the gay character Lionel Higgins (played by Tyler James Williams) was asked why he wasn't in the gay housing on campus, and why he stayed away from the black housing.  His answer echoed my own in the early years of my life; and if I'm... Continue Reading →


You signed up for it.

I often talk about our decisions in life being our own.  I mean do you really need to buy those Gucci loafers and overdraft your account? Or get that speeding ticket because Scandal was on in five minutes?  But the big one I get tired of are the complains on jealousy.  Why date someone if... Continue Reading →

I decline

Due to previous substance abuse issues, and discovering my true self, I keep myself on a tight schedule.  I go to bed early to rise during my most productive hours.  I know I become sluggish and lack my creative muse after noon maybe one o'clock, so often times when asked to go out to the... Continue Reading →

Triumph or Regret?

It's no secret I have put myself through a lot.  I want to focus on the important part of that statement; I, not anyone else, have put MYSELF through a lot.  Every so often, I will look back at how I was then (may be years or a week ago) and how I feel I... Continue Reading →

Only Room for Two

I write about friendships, love and relationships often. I also write about knowing yourself, and not allowing opinions from others to steer you into a direction that isn't suitable. Well let's merger it all together. Being a good friend to someone, you will be asked your opinion often on matters of who they might want... Continue Reading →

One Minute Friends

I have found over the years that our existence on this planet is all about connections. We connect to coworkers, family and our soul mate.  We connect at the gym, the ballpark, and even the grocery store line; often times attempt to parlay the briefest encounter into much more than it's suppose to be, all... Continue Reading →

Stop Drooling

My two most popular posts are Man loving Thug and Animal Soup. Not because they are overly deep or well written, but simply because they feature photos ripped from online to illustrate the point I wanted to make.  When a person searches for images such as those on the two posts, they find my site... Continue Reading →

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