Yes I am Back

I have been gone a very long time. I have had my fair share of ups and downs the last few years( the subject of my new four book series), but being the optimistic Buddhist I am, I needed every moment of it. I learned triggers for bad behavior I didn’t know I had( no you don’t need to know). I learned my own strength. I learned I can no longer wait and must make things happen because I have a purpose than is not mine to waste.

So what to expect? I will be giving you more hard-hitting topics that while my goal is never to agitate with malicious intent, I do have a goal of inspiring dialogue and critical thinking. My blog is my own and will not cater to anything I don’t see as contributing to this world. I am not frivolous and have no desire to talk about Nick Jonas and his need to go shirtless to secure all gay fans( I question his motives and sincerity to the community). Actually that blog is coming but not for ogling like national gay publication do( we have seen shirtless and naked men before. Get a grip Instinct magazine.) I am treating you as the equal you deserve and as such I will give you what I crave: politics, food post, spiritual ideas, movies, and just random ” are you serious” post. It really won’t be too different from what you are used to from Phoenix, but I do hope to still surprise and delight.

Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for your dose of something real and substantive.



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