Once the Halloween mask comes off

Its Halloween. A time for the children to get dressed up as Ironman, Elsa from Frozen (the songs are now cringe-worthy), and zombies.  For adults it's a time for sexy nurse, fireman, first time drag, and okay zombies too (no doubt sexy).  But another part to the adult routine is that all important shot of... Continue Reading →


With friends like you…

I get asked often what I've been up to.  I share with people how I am reconnecting with true friends (the old acquaintances, I allowed to steer me down a completely dark road), how I am once again visited by my muse, and my plans to enter the culinary arts field. Two, and only two... Continue Reading →

Yes I am Back

I have been gone a very long time. I have had my fair share of ups and downs the last few years( the subject of my new four book series), but being the optimistic Buddhist I am, I needed every moment of it. I learned triggers for bad behavior I didn't know I had( no... Continue Reading →

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