I’m not going to go over all the wonderful contributions Martin Luther King Jr gave to the world.  His accomplishments are well documented in movies, books and Wikipedia. I’m here to talk about my hope for his legacy and what I take from the life of this great man. And the most important thing I have received from his life is that he was flawed. This might sounds horrible for those who just stop there but read on and I will explain.

I’ve written about this before in my amazing blog post that no one read Snowflakes on my tongue, but the flaws of a great man show how my flaws aren’t a big deal.  I’m always ashamed how as a society we look for and wait for how heroes to show weakness and fall. It makes better news to see Bill Clinton in a sex scandal, and decide not…

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  1. As do I, sir, and I so appreciate your remarks about Dr. King, his magnificance as a human being, and, as such, a man who was always such as we a so-called flawed human being and, not having risen above that, but, as there is nothing to rise above, so we he and each of us remain always, not flawed, not different, but perfect in our shared humanity, one with one another, sharing overall and thru and with all in all, one origin, one presence, one destiny, one celebration, one sense of regret and sorrow, and yet, and yet, we are, we are here, all together, and we endure, always saying, each in our own way, yes, and yes, and always only and always — yes.


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