Mutiny on the Gay Float

Pride should be a time of self expressing, sheer joy to be ones self and to be unapologetic gay.  It’s that time of the year where we accept the shades of gay that exist and tell the masses we are unashamed. So it really upsets me when those in the gay community want to relegate pride as just a party for the weird and an embarrassment to the majority of gays.

What I love about Pride is seeing all the sub categories in the gay community. I love seeing the gay families and their kids, the older gay couples still in love in their 60s, the activist gays, the campy gays, drag queens, club kids, leather daddies and yes the too cool for school gays all in one spot just happy being gay.  It’s a change because these sub categories are rarely together as their interests and purpose are completely different except at Pride. This is what I see when I go to pride but that’s not what everyone sees.  There are some that only see excess “fagatry”. They see a side of the gay community that doesn’t mirror themselves.

At one point I probably agreed with a few of the anti gay crowd.  All I saw was pink feathers, makeup and glitter. I didn’t see myself so I was very anti pride. Then I actually went and I still saw the gay show but so much more.  It was an eye opener for me. But there are still those that go and see what they hate in our community. I say blame yourself. You want to complain that the picture of the gay community doesn’t include you but you exclude yourself from being visible. You hide in the corner and play sideline coach and expect things to change.

I love the different colors of the community even though I don’t engage in each one. It takes all types but for those who decided not to participate and expect something different I say get over yourself and get out there. If you want to show a different side of the gay community than you have to be a part of the community. The face currently is of those not afraid to be different and step out of the shadows. You can make the same decision and just maybe effect change. It just bothers me all the ignorant attitudes out there even in our own community. It’s all talk and negativity so if you have the time to talk about what you don’t like, have the time to do something about it.

Pride is for everyone and if you don’t feel you are represented, be your own representative. I can say I go and still don’t see my common group. I don’t really fit in the above groups I mentioned at the beginning of this post but I support differences and still have hope the kind of gay man I am will appear. I am my own representative.

PS. Jaded is not the new black.


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  1. OK, Look celebration is just that! When I lived in NYC it took years for the Gay Prade Parade and the Holloween Parade to get out of the village. When I left it was a major event that was very creative and families brought the kids to see it. They crowded and lined 6th Ave. Wow I thought, I can’t even get close to it look at all these people? Yes you are right there will always be nay sayers and poof bashers! A drag queen a pride parade does not make, but I am so glad when I see them and other groups as well. We have a rich community steeped in diversity and acceptance. We don’t even have to not accept desension! If I don’t see myself in some forms of the parade maybe its the half clad men that are very good looking or the dikes on bikes but God I love seeing them! Yes I don’t see myself in feathers and glitter but that is why it all is so wonderfully special. I say if there are gay lawers and business people they need to organize a float that represents them or gay moms or gay dads where is the bisexuals float they so much more then any of us need to come forward and be seen as they see themselves! There are so many elements of our world, gay firemen and gay police now all the people in the military that could march and be seen! Out of the shodows YES, walk in the light and be seen and counted and let no one of US turn away thinking I was not represented by those who marched! I have marched in parades before proud of whatever group I was with! In the beginning I did not see a lot of groups I knew about and slowly they walked into the light from proud bears to women who are now men and vice versa. Negativity is about self not feeling OK if that does not feel right for you don’t go with it! Thank you for talking about it though! Some people love being jaded, they find it exciteing, Don’t allow it to blacken your expereice! Let us continue to hold a space for even those that have not shown up at pride yet! If we hold it they will come!


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