I hear so often people say if you have no expectations than you have no disappointment.  I understand that on its most basic level but how can someone truly not expect anything from a venture or situation. You go to the store expecting to buy the item you are looking for but that are out. It’s not really possible to go with no expectations because the item is the main reason you went to the store. You go to a movie starring your favorite actor and it is horrible.  You expect him to really put on a performance like usual but this time it was lackluster.  Should you really expect nothing from someone you enjoy?

The main situation almost always centers around friends, family, dating, basically interactions with others. You go on a date not really expecting anything but hoping for a good time and maybe that good time leading to something. It’s normal to do so and anyone who tells you otherwise really is just trying to make you feel better about a bad situation. It’s the same with friends, expecting them to have your back when you are in need, be there if you are sad, and not be the cause of your suffering.  I don’t see that as an unreasonable expectation.

So are expectations bad? Yes and no. Of course a healthy outlook would be not to let the disappointing outcome get to you if the results fall short of expectations but to have no expectation is to have no drive or hopes. It can limit your wants and motivations sending you to your chosen goals whether it be love, financial, or sheer entertainment. Sometimes having no expectation can be a safe guard but playing it safe and limit the resulting joins when things exceed expectations.

The one best thing a person can do is expect the unexpected. Not expect to be disappointed but expect the unpredictability of life. For as much control as we have for our own fears, joys and successes, life and the universe will have its own way. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

I expect that you get the point.


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