Mutiny on the Gay Float

Pride should be a time of self expressing, sheer joy to be ones self and to be unapologetic gay.  It's that time of the year where we accept the shades of gay that exist and tell the masses we are unashamed. So it really upsets me when those in the gay community want to relegate pride... Continue Reading →


Lost Art

Gay relationships seem to take a different path than straight relationships. They either go from just meeting to married within the first week, to never getting started aside from the occasional call for no strings fun. The former reminds me of high school. You know when you had interest in someone and sent them a... Continue Reading →


I hear so often people say if you have no expectations than you have no disappointment.  I understand that on its most basic level but how can someone truly not expect anything from a venture or situation. You go to the store expecting to buy the item you are looking for but that are out. It's... Continue Reading →

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