Three Month Itch

Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and end. For things you want, the beginning seems to be the hardest, at least that’s true for me, but recently I have found that I have a common end to everything I start and I’m troubled by it. Its come to my attention(through self realization) that I can only continue a project for three months then I’m ready for something new or just retreat to my lazy self, and this is unacceptable for me.

I’ve always been aware of my three month dating habits. I’m one of those poor souls that my longest relationship has been ten months and it only lasted because he traveled so much. It made things fresh again and again to keep my interests. More often than not my relationships tend to peak at three months.  I’ve begun not to take anything serious unless things make it over the three month mark but alas none have.  This pattern isn’t the best of things clearly but one I’ve accepted as just not finding the right guy. I was okay with my three month itch in my relationships but now I see it’s in everything I do.

Take this blog. I was dedicated to writing at least three post a week. For three months I was on it hard but as of late, I’ve barely written a thing. June I pretty much took off and this is my first post of July( I actually have written longer than three months but I’m trying to prove a point).  Recently I’m been working out very hard to amazing results.  I began late March and pretty much stopped mid June trying to at least go once a week but I haven’t been able to do that. I somewhat knew about my three month itch in the gym but just never fully put it together.  I always worked out for a few months a year then pretty much took the rest of the year off once I hit a nice level and began getting attention from hot guys.

This is a terrible pattern. I love writing, the gym and of course dating. These things make me happy but I stop them all myself around three months. What is that? What is the universe telling me or is it the fear of success forcing me to stop?  I truly have no answer.  They say knowing is the first step but dammit if I know what step two, three and beyond are.

Today I’m going to the gym. As you can see I’m writing this post and I hope I’m not just beginning a new three month cycle. Time will tell. Time to meditate and figure things out.  Tell me what you think and leave a comment below.


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