Spreadable Like Peanut Butter

This is a salute to the easy. The men and women who love to please(some more successful than others) and don’t charge for it. The men and women that you don’t have to buy dinner, flowers or even tell your real name to get their cookies. Their legs are easier to spread than peanut butter and they love it.

Sluts often get a bad rap but they do the world a service. We already live in a repressed society, holding in everything we want to do or say for fear of being an outcast. It’s hard to just be yourself but not for the slut. You sluts welcome us into well, your bodies, to help us release that repressed energy. I know when I’ve had a bad day, I just call up my slut and work it all out on him. You guys are better than therapy because I don’t have to say much just, lay back and let you work your magic.

Society would say you have low self-esteem. That you want love and affection so much you allow anyone with a kind word to use you for a moment of feeling deserving and wanted. It can also be said that your life mission is to destroy solid couples by luring men to you like a temptress or siren. It’s probably true, but so what? I know I don’t care about that, all I care about is getting my rocks off. Remember, you are a slut and your feelings mean nothing to me. You are there to be used not loved or understood.

In the end there is no need to really consider what is going on in the mind of the easy. You are a toy to be use, and for that I want to salute you. You have the ability to put other’s first unlike so many others with self-respect. You actually make others feel like a champion, as if we scored by getting you into bed, but it never was a challenge anyway. Like I said before, you do a service to others at the expense of yourself and I just want to salute you.

Disclaimer: No actual sluts were hurt or offended by this post. Reading this doesn’t confirm you share these thoughts so you are in the clear. If any slut was offended, stop being a slut. This is meant to be funny so please lighten up.


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