Blessed below the belt. What else do you have to offer?

I’ve been with many men(not a slut here) that were blessed below the belt and they knew it. It was all they cared about because they for sure didn’t care about me. During sex they were selfish and quick. Outside the bedroom it still seemed to be about their large member and who else might want to enjoy it. So you have a big dick, what else?

Being a man, yes it is understandable to be concerned with your member. It does after all  define you as a man but society loves to add more manly features based on the size or lack thereof.  It just becomes a bit much that one’s whole life has to revolve around such a small part of who a man is. The men I’ve met that have average to slightly above average members seem to be more concerned with the other person and the experience rather than themselves alone. And I heard the cries from all the monster dick boys saying what else would they do. It’s like what people say about overweight men needing to specialize in oral sex just to compete( which I love that they do). But in the end Mr. Cocky might have an endless supply of tail but what else do you get?

If sex is your main reason for being then I can understand your preoccupation with your member. Those of you looking for a true mate need to think about what image you are projecting to snag the one. When most look for a mate, it’s mostly a connection they are looking for. Can you empathize with your partners struggles and celebrate their joys? Can you sit through a foreign movie knowing you hate subtitles but it makes him happy? Could you read from his voice after work how distraught he is and make arrangements to brighten his day? These are the what else a person needs to offer for a lasting relationship. If it’s just the bedroom and your big dick, hell I can buy a big dick.

Attitude says a lot and if it’s clear your attitude is consumed with sex and your own pleasure, you will get a great amount. But then Viagra stops working for you in your golden years, you might have wished you thought about what else makes you happy and not alone.


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  1. I myself have been with men who too have thought that just because they had a big dick that they should be worshipped or that I should be “thankful” just to be around them. And then others who believe that just because they have “assets” that they feel should earn them a free ride in one fashion or another, or a backstage pass to every concert. This is where they are severely mistaken. Just because you’ve got a big dick doesn’t mean that you get preferential treatment. Now size queens want to play with those big dicks, and some would actually take backseat behind someone else in order to get some “play time” with a guy with a big dick.

    That’s cheap and it’s sad that some gay men would actually have little or no self respect so they could get a moment in time with one hung man. Wake up, guys. Don’t be so quick to take a turn on a knob that has already seen a lot of turning.


    1. You are right and it’s the size queens that let these guys continue being selfish. I guess it’s supply and demand. As soon as we demand more than a fling or big member, the sooner men will have no choice but to offer more. Thank you for your comment.


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