It’s not my Job

I was on Facebook when I saw a friend of mine mention he just had lunch at Chik fila. I wasn’t sure if he knew so I decided to mention to him their public position opposing gay marriage.  He replied he knew but loved their food and his feelings that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. He also mentioned he is doing the Christian thing and turning the other cheek. I couldn’t knock him for that but being the person I am I decided to point out the difference between a person having an opinion and a company having a policy that puts them at odds with a particular customer base. Again he was adamant he wasn’t the one to fight the good fight, pointing to other companies that have scandals involving race and sexual orientation but are still in business with many customers and employees that are gay. Not one to let anything truly go, I just left it with my personal decision not to give companies that put hate in their policies of operation my money and help them to stay in business. This whole conversation left me wondering, if not me than who?

We can’t all be in New York occupying Wall Street but we can’t completely decide to check out. I remember as a child hearing about the clothing company Nautica saying their clothes was ” Not for the brothas”, a statement I researched myself.  I heard rumors about Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karen, along with several other companies that didn’t want blacks to buy their products.  I did my own research and those I found to be true I stopped purchasing. Of course they are still in business but I knew I wasn’t helping them continue a racist company. And just like then, I still continue my personal boycott with Chik fila being one of those companies.

To think so many people decide to ignore racism, sexism and discrimination everyday just to have what they thing are the best clothes and eat the best damn chicken, it saddens me.  If all the past protesters said, “someone else will do it”, think of where we would be right now.  And it’s not like you are putting your life in danger but stopping your patronage of a few places like those who actually march and do sit ins. To think it’s so easy to just know about injustice and just not care more than saddens but slightly upsets me.

Some might argue, especially in the gay community, that being gay doesn’t define them so any outrage against them doesn’t matter at all. You are more than happy to feel that way and I agree my sexuality doesn’t define me but injustice on any level is injustice. You might not want to be a statistic but you are. You are a gay man and while you can be in the closet if you want, you still suck dick baby. No one is asking you to go around and dress in rainbows all day long. No one is asking you to hold a press conference every time hate speech is delivered to the public. But come on, you can’t just make a small stand and stop supporting a damn fast food restaurant?

This post wasn’t intended to be judgmental in a bad way. I wanted to shed light on how some people decided that even a small act of protest is someone else’s job. I wanted to really say one act can make a difference. In the end it looks like I’m saying, stop being an indifferent, lazy ass.



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