This a similar but different post for me. I was watching a movie on Netflix that I thought I knew what I was in store for but it not only proved to be a great movie but also thought provoking. The movie is called 3 and it is yes and no about threesomes but let me first give you a rundown of the plot and then dive into the blog

Hanna( Sophie Rios) and Simon(Sebastian Schipper) are a married couple in their 40s. They grow very comfortable and complacent in their marriage and yearn for more. They both find comfort in the arms of Simon(Devid Striesow) independent of the other and in adulterous manner. When Hanna becomes pregnant, they all are faced with the complexity of their actions and what to do next.

First I loved how they both were having affairs with the same man. That was a very interesting twist not often seen in movies. The funny thing was during the affair, they actually grew closer to each other because of the energy Adam was injecting into them(stop being nasty). Once the second twist dropped and Hanna confronts Adam at his apartment, she finds Simon walking out of the bedroom as she blurts out she is pregnant. Both shocked to see each other, Hanna storms out and cuts off communication with both men. Of course it doesn’t end there but you must see the movie to find out what happens.

The interesting thing that came to me was her reaction. She was livid seeing Simon coming from Adam’s room obviously because she had no idea he was bisexual. I just couldn’t help thinking how could she be upset that he was cheating if she was doing the same thing? Was it truly that he was bisexual that got to her? And my main question is how would you feel?

I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of Adam. He was once married and has a child but obviously later found himself a bisexual single man. He is caring on a relationship with two people which isn’t bad exactly but I’m not a fan of having sex with both genders at the same time. And clearly there were no condoms used seeing as Hanna became pregnant. This is a big reason for the spread of HIV and other STDs to women and children; and while I don’t feel a homosexual relationship is to blame, protection should be used at all times and I’d kind of say more so in heterosexual relationships with the possibility of passing disease a long to a child.

That being said I can see why Hanna was so upset at seeing her husband come out of the room.  She was perfectly okay that he was having another relationship after all she was married but I honestly feel she had no reason at all to be upset. You both cheated and while he was cheating with a man, cheating is cheating. I’m pretty sure most straight women would disagree with me but cheating is cheating and it isn’t amplified because he’s with the same gender.  And yes if it was another women, she could try to act more like he wanted but it’s still cheating. Often times it has little to do with what you aren’t doing and more to do with just wanting something different.

So what do you think? Is cheating with the same gender worst than cheating with the opposite sex?  Watch the movie. It was great and she still don’t know the really cool ending.


What's your thoughts?

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