Little Break

Thank you to all my followers. New blog post with lots of energy and thought will return June 1st. It will be worth the wait.


Spreadable Like Peanut Butter

This is a salute to the easy. The men and women who love to please(some more successful than others) and don't charge for it. The men and women that you don't have to buy dinner, flowers or even tell your real name to get their cookies. Their legs are easier to spread than peanut butter... Continue Reading →

It’s not my Job

I was on Facebook when I saw a friend of mine mention he just had lunch at Chik fila. I wasn't sure if he knew so I decided to mention to him their public position opposing gay marriage. ┬áHe replied he knew but loved their food and his feelings that everyone is entitled to their... Continue Reading →


This a similar but different post for me. I was watching a movie on Netflix that I thought I knew what I was in store for but it not only proved to be a great movie but also thought provoking. The movie is called 3 and it is yes and no about threesomes but let... Continue Reading →

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