Not a sprint

I often wonder if men really love sex, why are they often in a rush to get it over with? Sure the orgasm is a wonderful thing but the journey there is what I most enjoy. So tell me gents, do you really like sex ask much as you claim?

We have all had relations with men who kiss to quickly or not at all. They move to the penetration with such speed, even if it’s enjoyable you are left wondering what happened. Porn movies are thirty minute scenes, not real sex  but porn is where most get ideas for sex.  Early in life, sex was a trial and error affair.  I can remember having no choice but to be quick about it for fear of getting caught by the parental units.  Maybe on some small level that kind of rushed mentality transferred over to adult sex experiences. Nonetheless, I know even today a quickie can be hot but let’s have some drawn out, legs weak, body soaked pleasure.

I’m not giving a full tutorial. It’s not that kind of blog but let me explain just a little to increase not only duration but pleasure.  First things first, it isn’t all about you. Sex is best when you are both mutually concerned with the other’s pleasure. I notice when I personally am being pleasured, I want to repay the favor and if both parties continue to do so, the clock tends to fade away as both are truly invested in the pleasure at hand.

Second, talk during sex. You can ask what they want and you have to be honest. Nothing wrong with saying if something isn’t working, or a little to the left or hell, yeah baby yeah right there bitch yeah. Sorry about that. The point is, you only get what you ask for. If you want that steak rare, say so.

Third, the truth is the orgasm you crave so much is better when it’s being feed for a while. Teasing increases the sexual tension as does long foreplay. The term that comes to mind is edging. That is when you bring your partner right to the point of completion then back off. It’s pretty hot but the point is when that release is draw out the explosion is one to remember.

Finally, spice it up. Sometimes you want to get it over with because it’s the same each time. Quick note, the bed is a horrible place to have sex.  It’s very restricting in the positions you can perform( not going into detail). Also with new scenery can come new ideas and tricks to increase pleasure. While porn isn’t the best educational tool, you have to admit they like to use all kinds of places to increase sensory awareness.  Sex is very much about the five senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, sound.  If you have the goal to entice all five senses, not only will you be at it for a while but the sex will be amazing.

So look, if you like sex now, you will love it with my advice.  Sex is a marathon not a sprint. At least when I do it.



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