The truth will condemn

We have all heard the truth will set you free but when I think about it more and more, the truth has a lot of downside to it. No one wants to hear they aren’t as smart, thin, or attractive as they may think they are. No one wants to know their partner is cheating, or their best friend really despises them. Any truth that must come out is preferred sugar coated, tempered to reduce the negative effects, otherwise the receiving party will shoot the messenger.

Should we instead become a society of liars? We kind of already are.  We make friends with enemies, smiling in their faces while plotting behind their backs; Frenemies I think they call them. We avoid and sidestep the truth deciding the truth has no real purpose other than to derail a friendship that is hanging by lies as it is.  We hold a lot in as a society causing a back up of energy that at some point explodes, shooting the truth out with such force there is no returning back to the house of lies you once lived.

I was a Liar.. I decided to go with the flow to secure position at work, a loving partner and friends. In the end they all disappeared as the lie couldn’t be maintained, as my true nature that loves truth decided to  overwhelm and unleash itself. I don’t decide to hurt people with the truth. Instead I opt to highlight what I see as positive and let them know there are negatives that exist but I choose not to share them.  I prefer now, after so much thought and meditation that the negative has no place on my lips even if the truth is negative. I decide to find a truth that is positive and hope that keeps me balances and honest.

Deciding to tell the truth is up to us all. The truth can be opinion and you know what they say about opinions. Check out my previous post Opinions, Opinions.


What's your thoughts?

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