Nothing but Hormones

Scientist says the male in all species are always on the hut to plant their seed, sniffing bottoms and jumping from mate to mate.  I have several friends who use science to explain their promiscuous activities stating they are a victim of their base nature. I’m gonna have to call BULLSHIT on this one, here is why.

The great thing about being higher on the evolutionary stage is the power of the mind. As humans we have the ability to make rational decisions and construct our lives beyond the basic needs for survival.  To hear a human backtrack to caveman status is upsetting and foolishness. The truth is you are DECIDING to have sex with everything that walks.  You are DECIDING to be nothing but your hormones.

I’ve been called anti sex based off a few of my blogs that emphasize love and bonding over random sex.  I’ve been there engaging in one night stands, group sex, hell I was a big old ho back in the day. Being in the gay community, we don’t see as many images of long stable relationships to emulate like the straight community.  We do however see plenty of hot men, shirtless and asking to lay down for how ever long it takes  to get off.  It’s easy to get trapped in that loop. It’s easy to follow the crowd but I’m over easy.

If random encounters are what you want for your life, have at it.  I just don’t like the excuse of hormones, or men being men to be your reason.  The real reason is you like sex. You like different partners. You aren’t in the mind-frame for a relationship.  Own up to it because I love calling BULLSHIT.


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