The Ultimate Truth

I was having an amazing dream the other night and everything finally became clear.  I was on a mountain top with a very sharp point like a needle.  There was a stone on the point so I could sit and meditate.  I felt the breeze of the world, the sun light going into my skin and I visualized white light.  In my mind I was meditating on the answers of the world and like a flash it came to me. The answer I was seeking for everything in life was that there are no answers.

Sounds a bit pessimistic when you think about it on the surface. Even I was initially let down but with deeper meditation I found it to be the ultimate truth of life. Think about all the searching one does for the answers to things like poverty, the economy, and racism to name a few.  Thousands of years have pasted and yet there isn’t an answer to those things. Yes two plus two equals four but even looking deeply at that can cause doubt as the meaning of words were decided long ago.  What if up was really down and purple was really blue? Yes I’m getting very Zen so let me just be as clear as I can.

Life is a journey for answers.  You want to know why people die young. You want to know why war is always on the horizon. You want to know why love is so hard to come by. People want to know everything there is.  They always ask more and more questions and usually just find an answer to pacify them long enough to find a new question to ask. What my meditation discovered was there are no answers.  The road to a simply happy life is to stop the search as it is endless and breeds more and more questions.  You might think you have an answer then another person has a different answer which causes debate and anger and conflict.

Just ask yourself what your search for answers has done for your life. The ultimate truth is no answers is peace. No answers relieves tensions. No answers provides shelter and warms. No answers creates long life. No answers is love.


What's your thoughts?

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