Love Songs

I tear up on a good love song. Call me a bitch or girl if you want but I get this chill down my spine, my heart fills, I get warm and it just happens. I get very emotional hearing an amazing love song.  So what is it? This post came about when I was... Continue Reading →


Repression…Life or Death?

It's no secret we live in a world where repression is the status quo.  Often times we get a hint of freedom and we let our wild side take over only to put it back inside once the reality of life gets back into us. But if you lived completely absent rules and control, are... Continue Reading →

Elder Gay and Gay Wisdom

I should start by saying I am in my early 30s so not exactly elderly. However, being in the gay community for over 15 years, you tend to rack up more life experiences than you can imagine. I've done the clubbing every weekend, recreational drug bonanza, shirt off in the club twink behavior, bed hopping... Continue Reading →

Fathers Teach

Fathers teach their sons to be men. They teach them how to ride a bike, how to fix a car, and how to treat a woman. But for gay men, no one is there to teach us how to love and treat another man. So how do we learn to make a relationship work? Growing... Continue Reading →

Not a sprint

I often wonder if men really love sex, why are they often in a rush to get it over with? Sure the orgasm is a wonderful thing but the journey there is what I most enjoy. So tell me gents, do you really like sex ask much as you claim? We have all had relations... Continue Reading →

The truth will condemn

We have all heard the truth will set you free but when I think about it more and more, the truth has a lot of downside to it. No one wants to hear they aren't as smart, thin, or attractive as they may think they are. No one wants to know their partner is cheating,... Continue Reading →

You could have asked

Ever been dumped because the other guy said " You deserve better," or " I just don't think I can give you what you want." I know I have with a whole host of reasons that are about what I want and deserve. They feel that they aren't on my level or that I have... Continue Reading →

Mature youths

When I was younger, I always felt like I was more mature than my peers.  I never really enjoyed all the same things as those my age. In high school my friends were always older, and when I started dating I preferred older men as well.  Lately I've been associating with some new friends that... Continue Reading →

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