Polyamorous or just greedy.

In my life I’ve dated a few bisexual men.  I knew they were either more into women than men or it was a 50/50 attraction.  At some point I figured I would have to allow them to sleep with women from time to time in order to keep them ,or they would just cheat and maybe even fall for one of them who might be more open than myself.  In the end it didn’t work but the last bisexual I was with mentioned his dream for a Polyamory relationmship.

For those of you unsure of the meaning, Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.  You might think this is nothing more than an open relationship ,but in these relationships, it goes beyond just a physical encounter.  The goal is to add the other to a loving relationship, a committed relationship of more than one person. The relationship of multiple partners can be short or long. There is often times a basic couple( heterosexual or even homosexual) and the additions are there as long as the relationship is fulfilling.  If it becomes less than desirable, the extra partners are asked to exit the relationship and the search for a new one will commence.

One might ask again isn’t this just a polygamist relationship? The difference lies in that in a polygamist relationship, the goal is one man with many wives( female polygamist are rare but can happen). The wives are for his pleasure and not that of the other wives.  Polyamorous relationship have a mutual interest in the addition sharing in sexual pleasure. Threesome sex can happen but isn’t always possible due to if there each partner is bisexual or just understanding of their partners needs.  Terms of the relationship are discussed.

Now that you understand, and since this is my personal blog, here comes my wonderful opinion. Are you serious with this mess? Stop being greedy.  Yes I love men and I’ve thought of an open relationship to satisfy my sexual desires but to be in a relationship and try to love two men at the same time would drive me crazy. It’s hard enough being in love with one with all the drama a relationship can bring. You can’t tell me jealousy doesn’t become an issue as one might be favored over the other.  Humans are jealous creatures, you are just asking for trouble in this situation. One might get sex more, maybe their favorite meal more, hell they might get to sleep with the other more( often times there are two bedrooms and partners take turns with coupling). This is just adding complications onto the complicated nature of relationships.

That being said, do what makes you happen. No one’s opinion should stop you from following your own path( unless you want to engage in sex with children or animals). I just feel this kind of relationship is just a powder-keg. Communication can solve a lot of relationship drama but wow, that is a lot of talking that might have to happen. Be smart, Be safe, Be honest.


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  1. I am a bisexual man however when I decide to commit to a partner I will only be involved with that person because it is the person I am in love with not just the sex. If when I am involved in that relationship a discussion of a three way is brought up I would have to be sure that both I and my partner are ok with it and it would have to be after I have been with that person for some time and have enough trust. I do not judge those who find satisfaction in open relationships, if they can do it and find happiness more power to them. That’s just my opinion.


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