I suffer because I’m not perfect

Second place is first place loser. Ryan Reynolds is the SEXIST man alive says People magazine. I know something you don’t know.  Aren’t you just sick of it?

It’s funny how those who critique another’s work are always so self-righteous. And don’t dare ask for tact or a warm delivery or you are considered closed off and soft.  But really who wants to be told they put in effort and it came up short? Just because something is displayed doesn’t mean it’s up for hate and disrespect.

Society teaches that effort isn’t enough. It has to be the best. You have to be number one.  There is no room for error. Perfection is a dream and striving for this perfection causes more suffering in life than not reaching it. I feel fortunate to have Buddhism in my life.  It teaches the way out of suffering and one of those is to eliminate desire. But we are living in a culture that drives you to want and want and if you don’t have it you are less than.  We want the sexiest or the championship, and anyone who isn’t has to work and work to gain those titles next time.

I’m not perfect and I will not try anymore to be perfect.  I’m just me with a laundry list of flaws which make me who I am and extremely special.  The truth of the matter is I’ve wasted a huge chuck of my life trying to be perfect and the image of what the media says is perfect and sexy.  I have my own brand of sexy as do you.  My writing has typos and grammatical errors but it’s perfect to me. My skin gets dry and I forget to put lotion on but it’s perfect to me.  My car has a huge scratch on it because of DC drivers but it’s perfect to me(but don’t let me find that punk).

You have to find your inner perfect and it’s not on the cover of Men’s Fitness or Vogue. Just look at how much time you waste trying to be perfect and compare it to how much joy is in your life.  When you don’t care you are free and just living. So just live, perfectly  flawed.


What's your thoughts?

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