Animal Soup

I can’t say I full understand but I enjoy the animal soup we have in the gay community.  You have bears, cubs, otters and so much more to choose from, I feel like I’m on the hunt in the wild.  I have to admit though, why are we labeling ourselves as animals and putting yet another divide in the mix.

It’s true everyone has a preference on looks.  I personal love a big hairy man.  Add some tattoos and I just melt.  And yes I have other traits that turn me on but the thing I love most about myself is I don’t let any of that stop me from getting to know someone who is different.  I’ve dated short men, smooth men, white, hispanic, black, etc and they all were great guys.  I have other things in common with them so the looks to me was just a bonus.  However most men just can’t get past specific traits to find their soul mate. Truly they feel their soul mate has to have all the lusty qualities they dream about otherwise it can’t actually be their soul mate.

So back to the animal: bears are hairy men with a stocky or heavyset build and facial hair. Cubs are younger (or younger looking) version of a bear, typically but not always with a smaller frame. The term is sometimes used to imply the passive partner in a relationship and they can be hairy or hairless. A Daddy bear  is an older guy sometimes looking for a daddy/son relationship with either a younger Bear, Cub, Otter, Wolf or Chaser. Black bears are African American bears just like Panda bears are Asian bears. I don’t think there are names for other ethnic bears. Muscle bears are muscular version of a bears like a muscle cub is a younger or smaller, yet muscular version of a cub. Otters  are men who are hairy but are not large or stocky but then with lean muscle. Polar bear are silver or white-haired bears but not always Daddy bears.Wolf – A lean, masculine gay man who is attracted to bears and involved in the bear scene.

I don’t know why any of that is necessary. Another label, another divide but it’s the community we live in. The main thing I want to get across is whatever group you find yourself in, remember you are more than the animal nature that is assigned to you.  And if you like being nothing more than a zoo animal, remember you put that cage up.  You are deciding to cut yourself off from the dating world at large.  Sometimes it can be a good thing.  With criteria you can get more of what you like and less of what you don’t like but remember soul mates don’t give a damn about any of that.

Let go and let live.  But I’ll take a few of you animals in the meantime while I wait for my soul mate.


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