The hottest guy in the club

I have to admit being an average looking guy, I always hated the hot guys at the club.  They seem to have their pick of anyone they choose while I had to figure out which of the one’s I had the hots for would not turn me down. I always wondered what it would be like to be them with the good looks and all the options.  I finally found out and it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I had a new friend who looks almost exactly like the rap star Drake.  He truly is very attractive and tall.  We were out at the club one night hanging out and I was shocked at the treatment he received.  My friend was followed around to the bathroom, to the smoking section, and every other time we switched tables at the club.  Often times it was the same guys but then new ones joined in to do nothing more than stare and stalk him. I didn’t know what to do but I did ask him about what I observed.

He explained to me how he hated going out.  He never approached anyone because he couldn’t believe they had good intentions.  He shared he would never be able to go to the club with a boyfriend because of the jealousy they often times had at the attention he was receiving.  He told me going out isn’t enjoyable for him and seriously I could understand.

Truly it was a bit much.  Your ever move watched and documented.  Never trusting the men who did dare to approach had to be a nightmare.  I just watched and even though they weren’t checking me out, I was completely annoyed at how rude it appeared.  When I go out to the club, I’m just trying to enjoy my friends and the music.  My friend is the same way.  He just loves to dance and socialize but how can you with all that attention.

I’m not just using my one friend as an example.  I decided to truly observe some of my other very hot friends and the results were the same. Being of a reporter mind, I asked them the same questions on how they deal with all the attention.  Some loved it.  They truly only went out to pick up a guy so they would choice one, approach and leave to hook up another day.  But most were dissatisfied with being nothing more than a pretty face and hot body. They appreciated the courage it took to come up to them but they just couldn’t trust enough to go beyond simple conversation before rejoining their friends.

So I’m extremely happy to be an average looking guy.  All that attention would truly get on my nerves.  I know when I approach a guy or vice versa, it’s about getting to know what else there is and not all about the surface.  I use to envy the hot guy.  Not anymore.


What's your thoughts?

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