Scared Single

I can probably guarantee it’s me.  I know how I am when I show interest in someone. I love to express how I’m feeling no matter if its been a week or a month. I have always felt like if things are meant to be, why hold in your emotions and act like someone you are not? If you like him, tell him and show him.  Why have a three date rule, only two dates a week for the first few months, or a three month rule to make it official?  That is who I am and look..still single.

Men are so scared of emotions, deeming them as a female trait never to be expressed in public and sometimes not even in private.  This fear of being soft is handed down from father to son and guess what, it will not change ever. Yet there are some men who love romantic comedies, love sending flowers, and love all the mushy stuff.  Those men, myself included, end up having such a hard time in the dating world. You find yourself jumping from hopeful relationship to hopeful relationship, baring your soul, gushing all the time and left alone trying to figure out what you did wrong.  Ask anyone and they will say, ‘hold your horses..let things develop slowly and naturally’.  I would contend, who said they weren’t?

Sometimes a person can just know and like what they see. They don’t need months to say, ‘I like you’. They don’t see the point in not calling just because they just saw you a few hours ago.  They hate having to decide if there should be a day, two or four days between asking you to a movie. Sometimes a person is just happy and shouldn’t you ‘Mr Scared Guy’ just enjoy someone thinking you are worth it? What the hell?

I’m in no way saying after the first date a person can be in love.  I’m in no way saying that after three dates you must have sex or get engaged or anything but you know how you feel.  You know when something works and to have to put limits on when and how much to express is ridiculous.  You want to tell the mushy love guy to man up, how about you scared single guys man the hell up.

My heart isn’t on my sleeve. Just because I tell you I’m very happy with things and optimistic about the future doesn’t mean you can walk all over me or I won’t bounce when I’ve had enough.  I’m just a person who like to be happy and am very expressive.  There are a lot of guys like me.  We are the ones that can stay very true and treat you great but if a little emotion scares you; if the fear of being trapped grips you; if you think maybe the grass is greener over there; by all means go the hell over there. I like me and dammit I don’t have time for you scared men.


What's your thoughts?

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