A Better Tomorrow-Movie Review

I’ve been on a foreign movie kick lately and mostly Asian action thrillers.  I was searching through Netflix and came across this wonderful movie call A Better Tomorrow.  If you liked The Departed (which is a remake of the foreign film Internal Affairs), then you will love this movie.

When his long-lost little brother Chul resurfaces, a successful gangster, Hyuk must balance family loyalties with his complicated professional commitments. But his little brother, now a police detective, is holding childhood anger which place them at odds in more ways than one.

So the family drama stems from crossing over from north to south Korea. Hyuk was able to make it over leaving behind his mother and little brother, Chul would were trapped and captured.  Chul blames him for not staying and the death of their mother by government hands.  Both actors gave strong performances with the tension between the two but I must say I couldn’t understand fully why Chul was holding a grudge. In no way was it his fault but anger rarely has logic on it’s side.

The other story line that I loved was the rise of Hyuk in the criminal underworld and the jealous nature of his boss’ son, Jung.  At first Jung seems completely week and out of his depth in a crime organization but he soon learns that to get ahead, you have to be cutthroat and he betrays Hyuk on a deal that sends him to jail for trafficking and murder. After his release he mainly just wants to reconnect with his brother but revenge draws him back to his life of crime which his brother has to fix.

With plenty of shoot em’ up action and martial arts fighting, this is a thrill ride you want to be on. Yes it is subtitled but the acting and action is well worth it.  Besides aren’t you looking for something new. All Hollywood is doing is recycling movies( and this is a Korean remake as well but I’m sure none of you have seen the original). I promise you will just love it.


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