Polyamorous or just greedy.

In my life I've dated a few bisexual men.  I knew they were either more into women than men or it was a 50/50 attraction.  At some point I figured I would have to allow them to sleep with women from time to time in order to keep them ,or they would just cheat and... Continue Reading →


How dare you flirt.

I'm currently in a new relationship that is full of laughs and good times.  The energy is amazing and it's a relaxed relationship unlike almost all the relationships I've been in from the past. So I decided to take him out to the club the other day just to do something different. It was yet... Continue Reading →

I suffer because I’m not perfect

Second place is first place loser. Ryan Reynolds is the SEXIST man alive says People magazine. I know something you don't know.  Aren't you just sick of it? It's funny how those who critique another's work are always so self-righteous. And don't dare ask for tact or a warm delivery or you are considered closed off and... Continue Reading →

Animal Soup

I can't say I full understand but I enjoy the animal soup we have in the gay community.  You have bears, cubs, otters and so much more to choose from, I feel like I'm on the hunt in the wild.  I have to admit though, why are we labeling ourselves as animals and putting yet... Continue Reading →

For my people

I'm a person that likes to associate with a diverse group of people.  I love to learn new customs, languages and perspectives on life. Lately I have been going out with a group White friends and I noticed versus my Black friends, race doesn't come up. It's an interesting dynamic that I only realized because of my... Continue Reading →

Scared Single

I can probably guarantee it's me.  I know how I am when I show interest in someone. I love to express how I'm feeling no matter if its been a week or a month. I have always felt like if things are meant to be, why hold in your emotions and act like someone you are not?... Continue Reading →

Dior? Gucci? Fame? Stress!!!

There is a great song by Jazime Sullivian called "Famous." In the song she talked about the dream of having it all. She mentions wanting the girls to see her and dream to be like her because she is famous.  She talks about the pain of wanting is so bad and all she would do... Continue Reading →

A Better Tomorrow-Movie Review

I've been on a foreign movie kick lately and mostly Asian action thrillers.  I was searching through Netflix and came across this wonderful movie call A Better Tomorrow.  If you liked The Departed (which is a remake of the foreign film Internal Affairs), then you will love this movie. When his long-lost little brother Chul resurfaces, a... Continue Reading →

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