Gay Mafia-True Power

Maybe I’m just a power hungry queen but I feel if there really was a gay mafia they really could be extremely powerful.  The amount of gay men and women in positions of power is as high as it’s ever been.  With the mainstreaming of the gay agenda, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot.  But what kind of power would we wheeled? I’m not suggesting we bootleg liquor, run guns, or traffic drugs.  This mafia can be completely above board and make a difference not only for the gay community but the world.

First think of the famous gays in history: Alexander the Great, James Baldwin, Leonardo DaVinc, and so many more. The point is if we put an end to our services, this world would not only be boring but ugly as hell.  We must use our gay powers, something like Star War’s “the force”. So how to control the world. Here is a list:


  1. Stop spending money–The economy needs our disposable income to stay afloat more than ever.
  2. Stop performing in the artist– There would be no fun left in the world and Hollywood would crumble.
  3. Learn to cook–So goodbye to your favorite restaurants.
  4. Ban plaid–Sorry to all the gay cowboys. I can’t stand plaid.
  5. Glitter everywhere
  6. Make the birthday of Cher a national holiday.

All joking aside, as a community we are a powerful group in this world. If we combine our efforts, we really could steer this world to a happy judgement free world. Of course we have our own in-fighting that must stop, masculine vs feminine, twink vs bear, older vs young, etc, but we a good leader could handle bring harmony to our community.

It’s all just a thought. Maybe a dream even but think about it.


What's your thoughts?

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