Shame–Movie Review

This is a sex addict exposed and such a wonderful movie I have been waiting to see for a while. There was so much social commentary in this movie along with wonderful acting that you couldn’t help but fall in love with this movie.  It did have slow moments and I have to admit there were times when I couldn’t figure out the direction of the movie aside from Brandon(Michael Fassbender) suffering at his lack of control of his desires.

Brandon Sullivan is an outwardly reserved Wall Street suit who is crippled with his sexual addictions. When his sister Sissy( Carey Mulligan) shows up unexpectedly, their complicated relationship add to his already complicated life. As they both try to heal from the scars of their lives, both fall deeper and deeper which no relief in sight.  

Michael Fassbender went all out in this role even appearing fully nude in many scene. And to slightly destroy my credibly, he has a wonderful member down there. But in all honesty, the pain he was going through trying to deal with his addiction and clearly regretting it after each encounter, the performance was top-notch. The true side of sexual addiction wasn’t shyed away from with paying for escorts, constant masturbation even at work, hard drive full of porn, masturbating even after sex and approaching married partners, they hit all points that any addiction can bring.  It takes over your life.

The scene I loved the most was the uneventful sex with his coworker who he had a real date with the night before.  I knew right away the reason he was unable to rise to the occasion was because he had connected with her beyond sex.  He didn’t fully see her as a means to an end and had more of a face with his activity.  It was a powerful statement to put into this movie and a great job.  I also loved the gay club scene as many sex addicts are about sex and not gender.  I was happy director Steve McQueen showed that side of addiction.

It’s clear why the movie did receive an NC-17 rating. The sex scenes were raw and didn’t shy away from trying to pain the picture of the animal side of the addiction.  If it was toned down in any way, we would have had to take the actors word for it and the intense nature of the story wouldn’t have shown through. Fassbender really gave in and why not, he got to pretty much do soft porn as he had his hands, mouth and other parts all over these women. Sex aside the cinematography was just amazing and was the story. The dialog was limited so all we had was the visual and the acting of Fassbender.

Must see movie. Snubbed at the Oscars.


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