Gay Mafia-True Power

Maybe I'm just a power hungry queen but I feel if there really was a gay mafia they really could be extremely powerful.  The amount of gay men and women in positions of power is as high as it's ever been.  With the mainstreaming of the gay agenda, it's time to strike while the iron... Continue Reading →


Daddy/Son and gay ageism

So I've noticed on the gay websites(of that there are plenty) a number of older men exploring their generous nature. It bothered me as a young gay man as I wasn't looking for a replacement father or sugar daddy. I wanted to be understood and loved and I felt the experience of someone older would... Continue Reading →

Half of what you want.

I had coffee with a new friend that I met online( hook up sites can be for friendship too), who was mixed African American and Asian.  I was reading an article on the lack of presence of people of color in the gay community.  Suddenly he mentioned an occasion when he tried to converse with... Continue Reading →

With all good intentions

Your friends are always there to help and hopefully guide you in the right direction. Good friends give you the push you need and kick in the pants to get you back on track but sometimes they just miss the mark.  So what do you do? You know it's all out of love and concern... Continue Reading →

Knife to his throat

I wanted to kill him so badly. I've never loved so much, and yes loved so much I wanted to kill him once it ended.  This was the first time I understood the true power and meaning of a crime of passion. Just to be clear, I didn't do it but I truly was out... Continue Reading →

Won’t you save me

The reason for this blog was to share my experiences and my road to the life I was promised in the stars. Yet more so I've been enjoying sharing my thoughts with the world and the comments I've received. I like sparking conversation and dialog.  I like thinking, so what's missing.  The truth is missing... Continue Reading →

You gave me “IT”

I was watching an old gay movie called The 24th day. If you haven't seen the movie it's very interesting in what it tries to put forth about personal safety, responsibility and safe sex. Here is just a rundown of the plot. Tom (Scott Speedman, from TV's "Felicity") has just found out that he's HIV-positive. A married... Continue Reading →

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