Strikezone in gay dating

Three strikes and you’re out is wonderful for baseball but in dating you have to be kidding me. If you’re goal is to really be in a relationship with mister right, realize it takes work and setbacks to find him. So are checklist really important ion finding your mate? Let’s find out.

When I was younger I always had a checklist for what I would accept and wouldn’t in a relationship.  Most often they were physical preferences like over 6ft tall, athletic build, hairy, etc.  As I got older I still kept the physical requirements but also added some emotional and mental traits like caring, intelligent, outgoing, etc.  Then again my list evolved but became about actions.  If he didn’t call me back like he said he would that would be a strike.  If he showed up late but didn’t at least text to inform me he wouldn’t be on time, that was a strike. He we went out and he met up with friends and didn’t introduce me, that was a strike.  I’m still single.

I can’t say if the lists and strikes are the cause of me being single but all those restrictions don’t really help.  And as for the strikes, if one is able to get into a successful relationship, you better believe you will have way more than three strikes to deal with, like 1,000 if you are lucky.  I’m learning the strikes make it fun.  No one wants to be in a relationship that is full of arguments and drama but come on, passion does require some tension.  Romantic tension needs strikes and we all know what the make up can deliver.

So let’s talk about the brass tax of it all. You have to have some guidelines in dating.  Not all people are compatiable but remember the tighter the requirements, the less likely you will date. I mean come on, we aren’t all cover models or millionaires.  Being that superfical is a recipe to be single for life.  But yes you don’t want to date creeps just to avoid being single. I’ve dated men I knew I would not match up with for relationships but dammit if a friendship didn’t develop.  That’s the thing. You really just never know.

Relax people. Dating might be a game but I’m glad it isn’t baseball.


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