Serial or Cereal Monogamist.

I have been called a serial monogamist for most of my dating life. I hate the term as if equating an active dating life with a serial killer. I’m killing nothing and actually trying to bring to life true love by going from one failed relationship to the hope of a good one. So what is it really? The truth is that I’m a fan of love.  I get involved with these men hoping he is the last, and once it ends I just want to find a new man so I can hopefully find my husband. So I date a lot, kind of like throwing pasta on the wall to see if it sticks. I don’t plan to stop because I again love love more than most so instead of serial I’m going to call it Cereal Monogamist.

My style of Cereal monogamy is more about wanting love so bad as to have breakfast in bed for life.  I want to say “please pass the Start Smart or Honey Bunches of Nuts” (no pun intended).  I want to make a life with a great partner and there is nothing wrong with wanting that.  So yes you have to kiss a lot of frog, etc, etc, but if the end result is accomplished then whats the harm?

So my friends would say the harm is the disappointment.  To be a cereal monogamist you have to open up and sadly fail a lot otherwise you aren’t in the serial, or cereal category.  In some respects everyone is a cereal monogamist, but because people like labels and classifications, those who have relationships for less than six month,s and are only single for one or two months between falling for the next guy would more so be considered in the cereal group.

So yes, I’m never single too long.  I love love love giving love and I’m not going to stop just because the world has opinions. So grab me some soy or almond milk if you want me to stay over.

The best part of waking up isn’t Folgers.  I would tell you but it’s not PG rated.


What's your thoughts?

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