I talk about love a lot; true love that engulfs your whole being. I have been charged with not appreciating sex as a means to show your love and feelings for a person. Hmm, I’m still a believer that sex is great but not a true showing of love. Sex is an act to fulfill your carnal base instincts.  It is separate from feeling but with feeling it can be amazingly better. Some people enjoy sex so much they get what is known as DICKMOTIZED.

Dickmotized-verb- 1) To be hypnotized by the dick; 2) To be dazzled or overcome by the wheelder of the dick so to ignore negative signs; 3) To be open to any suggestion to get more dick. 

There is nothing wrong with loving and enjoying sex but there are those who literally will do anything for it. But I’m not talking about a sex addict, I’m referring to the one who can’t see past the dick of a less than worthy individual. I’ve never been dickmotized myself. I have been in blind love which is similar.  The difference is that my attachment was to hope of a great love that could develop, while those under the spell of the male penis just want more and more of that dick.

So what to do? First know that no dick is worth losing yourself.  I know no one dick is alike but it’s foolish to be so overcome by it that you stay with undeserving men, or simply miss out of life just for it.  I have friends who cancel outings just to hook up with their desired stand by fling.

In the end my suggestion is find love and enhance the sex that way. Sex is just sex, and while my original aim was to silence the critics who claim I am anti-sex, the truth is I’m just more pro love than pro sex.


What's your thoughts?

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