Closeted Married Men

Years ago the DL black man came to the American public and rocked the world. As a gay black man I was pretty upset because it not only cased a bad light on gay men, but it was a big target on black men. The other reason I was upset was because in my many years in the gay life, most of the married men I had met were white, and yes I aided in their cheating when I was young and I do mean young.

I came onto the scene when I was jail bait. I was sixteen and found the wonderful world of gay chat sites online. Most of them men were in their 30s and 40s and have no problem getting together sexually with teenagers.  I wasn’t driving at the time and these grown men would come to my house( or we would meet int he parking lot next door) and then drive to their home where I would see family pictures of their wives and kids all about. They would lead me to their bedroom, again with family pictures and a blanket on top of the fresh made bed their wives made earlier.  I am by no means proud of helping these men cheat but I was young, new to the scene and just wanted affection.

Once I grew up and realized my integrity was lowered along with theirs, I stopped and started to feel so bad for the women out there.  Still I chat on gay sites and see so many men cheating on their wives looking for daytime fun. I really wish I could do something about it. I can understand most of these older men grew up in an age where being openly gay was a lot worse than it is now.  They choose to marry and be family men but couldn’t stop their natural feeling for men.  I’ve dated now openly gay men who are divorced with older children who explain this same point but and say while they were bisexual then, they are completely gay now.  I kind of feel they were completely gay then but pushed it aside for societal reasons., but that is just my opinion.

I have to say in this day and age I have zero sympathy for gay married men. You can come out and live a great life.  You decided to get married and cheat on your wife with men.  Even if it’s with other women it’s still wrong.  And most don’t cheat with other women, just men thinking it’s somehow better. Cheating is cheating and you DECIDED to get married and commit.  Be a man about it and either divorce and be true to yourself or be satisfied with your decision. Think of your family and not your lust.


What's your thoughts?

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