The Artist–Movie Review

Amazing!! So fresh in an industry that does mostly remakes and stock formula movies. This was a joy to watch and refreshing. So let’s get the plot out of the way.

Hollywood, 1927: A silent movie star George Valentin is on tops of his game, the biggest movie star in Hollywood. At a movie premiere, an up and coming dancer Peppy Miller, crashed the grey carpet and his thrusted in the spotlight.  As the talkies become the new hot thing, George Valentin is soon out and Peppy Miller is the darling of Hollywood. George Valentin is thrown into despair trying to stay relevant as the silent movie era ends. 

This is just an amazing movie and to be honest, the lead actor, Jean Dujardin is perfect casting.  He is incredibly handsome and has the look of that vintage Hollywood movie star.  I was so very much drawn to this character as his struggle to not fade into obscurity is all he has left.  His fear of change is another story line that really resonated deep with me and I would imagine a majority of the audience.

Another wonderful piece in this movie was the music.  The music was the dialog for each scene like opera and just gave you exactly what you needed to understand the scene and show the correct emotion for it.  This is one soundtrack I will for sure purchase.

I would think this movie is a directors dream.  In an age where big budget movies are all the rage, this silent movie has a lot to compete with.  It’s funny how the movie even commented on the drawbacks of the silent movie, the “mugging” for the camera.  I found myself wondering why the movements were so exaggerated but of course it dawned on me it was necessary to make up for the lack of words. And these actors, having not been in the age of silent movies did an amazing job as actually merging the two.  I felt this was a wonderful bridge between both genres mainly because of the directing.

This is a must see movie for serious movie fans.  You get drama, humor, romance, tragedy and triumph. What more can you ask for? And let me know forget to mention the second star of the movie, that dog.  So funny that dog and trained so well.  I fully recommend the Golden Globe winner for best Comedy, Best Original Score and Best Male Actor… The Artist.


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