Two can be as lonely as one.

One is the loneliest number for most but not in my experience.  I’ve never felt more alone than in the so-called relationships I’ve had in my life. I really don’t know how to begin.  We all go into a relationship thinking it will be an amazing union between people who share similar interests and feelings about how they want a successful relationship to go.  You never think there will be distances and lies but when they arrive it’s hard to let your hopes and feelings go and make a break.  You feel the efforts you put into the relationship can’t have been all for not so you stay and try to get a dialog going.  When they fails and the situation remains the same, you still hope your partner will see your unhappiness and make things right.  When that doesn’t happen you just feel miserable.

I’ve been in many relationships I felt I could save with time and effort.  I have always been afraid to end the relationship because I felt hope was always there. I also had way too much insecurities in myself thinking I would be single forever if I couldn’t make this work. And in the end that is what keeps many in bad relationships, fear of forever being single. Well when you think about it, if there is great distance and miscommunication in your present relationship, you kind of already are single.

In a lonely couple of two, you still think of the other person when deciding whether or not you should go out with friends Friday night or wait to see if that estranged partner will wake up and take you on that wonderful waterside dinner you’ve been dying for. You still think we and become disappointed when you realize you are in this alone.  Your life is at a stand still because you can’t muster up the energy to actually be a party of one.

One isn’t as lonely as you think.  You’re decisions in life are your own and your friends are always there to turn one into four with cocktails no less.  But one inside of two is a nightmare.  Happiness is your right.  If your partner is taking your granted and you have put yourself aside for the idea of “us”, take it back. Be strong and don’t be lonely ever.


What's your thoughts?

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