My MLK Day Wish.

I’m not going to go over all the wonderful contributions Martin Luther King Jr gave to the world.  His accomplishments are well documented in movies, books and Wikipedia. I’m here to talk about my hope for his legacy and what I take from the life of this great man. And the most important thing I have received from his life is that he was flawed. This might sounds horrible for those who just stop there but read on and I will explain.

I’ve written about this before in my amazing blog post that no one read Snowflakes on my tongue, but the flaws of a great man show how my flaws aren’t a big deal.  I’m always ashamed how as a society we look for and wait for how heroes to show weakness and fall. It makes better news to see Bill Clinton in a sex scandal, and decide not to look at what he did for this country.  Tiger Woods is now known for his cheating ways and not what he did for the sport of golf and his amazing talent.

Type in Martin Luther King Jr scandals and find adulterer, plagiarizer, and communist to name a few.  And I have to be honest, I hope they are true because none of it takes away from the amazing man he was.  If he is flawed and not the picture of perfection we tend to assign to our heroes is gives me hope that maybe my flawed behind can do something wonderful for my generation.

So on his birthday, I thank him for showing that a regular man can make a difference. For showing a voice of wisdom and sincerity can move the masses to do incredible things.  The life of this man gives me strength to go on and follow my dreams. And yes I have a dream as well.


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