Cupids got a gun

Listen to the wonder song by Shanell ft Nicki Minaj Cupids Got a Gun


That Cupid is a criminal.  He shots his arrow and you are now lost in love.  You see love as the only thing that exist and you are completely ensnared. That shot through the heart can bring so much pleasure but a hell of a lot of pain.  The problem is Cupid can shoot you but forget to shoot the other person and you are left pinning for someone you can’t have.  Cupid is a murderer.

I feel like Cupid’s job isn’t to bring together true love but just to bring the idea of love.  He sees you interested in someone but unable to take that leap and find out.  He shoots his AK47 and you are hit, falling to the ground and in love. When Cupid is involved you lose yourself in love. Those shots bring about obsessive love.

Maybe Cupid just has an evil twin who locked up the real Cupid and is just getting a kick out of love misery. I really don’t know but I’m a big fan of love.  It has its great lows but those highs are often times worth it.  I don’t like being shot and no longer in control but I think about the times I did have control in love. It was clunky and strategic.  It was sometimes forced and I can assure you I stayed around longer than I should have because I let my head be in charge. I didn’t get hurt at all in those at and the joy I felt was tempered.

So I guess I’m a gluttony for punishment because I still haven’t gotten my bulletproof vest.  I’m still looking forward to my next wound so I can fall fast and hard again.  I’d like to think the scars from the past will help me improve each time but love by its nature is irrational. Trying to control such explosive energy is like trying to control the heat of the Sun. I’ll take the heat and warmth of love any day.


What's your thoughts?

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