Patrik, Age 1.5. Gay movie review.

I have to say I am typically disappointed by most gay themed films.  If it’s not the bad acting, it’s the low budget or the need to glorify gay stereotypes to make a quick buck.  I was thrilled to receive this recommendation and enjoyed every minute of Patrik, Age 1.5. And the plot goes:

After moving from the city to a small town, gay couple Sven (Torkel Petersson) and Goran (Gustaf Skarsgård) have been cleared to adopt a child. But when Patrik (Thomas Ljungman) arrives in their lives, it turns out he’s not 1.5 years old as they were told by the adoption agency — he’s a rebellious, homophobic 15-year-old with a criminal record. While the couple houses the angry boy until the mix-up is resolved, his presence puts extra strain on the seemingly perfect couple.

I really enjoy foreign films as they tend to deliver more of a heartfelt story and a fresh take on recycled ideas. I love the beginning when the neighbors find out the family moving in next door is not a traditional family.  It was obvious they were less thrilled and their attempts to appear okay with the gay couple causes them to flub overt top themselves, even to the point of turning a blind eye to the harassment by the neighborhood children. While Sven was un-phased you can see the struggle in Goran’s eyes, who just wanted to feel like a traditional family.

Patrik is your typical rebellions orphan boy, lashing out because it’s all he knows.  This character is pretty typical aside from his impressive gardening skills, which ultimately has him bond with Goran and the rest of the neighborhood ( I love how he just had to skateboard with the kids to get them to stop calling him a homo).

And then there is Sven, typical cheating husband. He cheated on his wife first with Goran, I assume realizing he was gay and didn’t want to live a lie.  But I just knew the pressures of fatherhood who send him into another willing bed. Maybe the idea of another teenager(he has a teenager daughter by his wife) was too much for him and he just wanted to be free. I can understand but come on, your office assistant?

All in all there were great performances delivered off of a great story. Must see gay movie.


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