Week five of Redemption

Hello interested followers.  I skipped week three and four because it was the holidays and I was enjoying time with my family and the hope I have for the new year.  I really just wanted to put everything in the past and start fresh so recounting my difficult times weren’t high on my list.  But the whole point of this blog is to learn from my mistake and show my progress in getting my shit on point. It’s just not something I like to remember.  I did a lot of ruin to my life. I realized I had been on the path of ruin for a long time.  I can blame my depression which I recounted in my wildly successful post on Monday ‘My trip down the yellow brick road of depression’.  I received the most single day views I’ve had so far because of revealing my struggle and just being raw and open. The comments I received really showed me how impactful my journey can be for others but I must be honest and raw, so I’m back to bearing my soul.

So there really isn’t much to report.  I have again been lazy in getting into regular Buddhist study and meditation.  Like Christians, it’s important to practice daily, especially with all the dangers to joy and balance that is in the world.  When I was studying sutras regularly and holding the Noble Eightfold Paths in my heart, I was easily thrown from my practice by negative speech and attitudes from the masses.  Not being able to feel my own Buddha nature would send me into an anger state and then into a depressive state.  Now I realize my control has to be of my mind and emotions.  I have to be an example for others.  As long as my heart is pure and filled with love, it’s very difficult for those filled with anger and malice to sustain that energy in my continued presence. So I’m back to my practice.

I’m also back to a regular gym program.  It was always a release for me to exercise. Not only does it give me more energy throughout the day, but a euphoric state, happy with my appearance, my efforts and really just knowing my health was on the uptake. So with regular workout and meditation, my mind and body will be an amazing temple.

So there ya go.


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