He came, He left, But I got a book out of it.

My last relationship put me through the ringer.  It was the happiest I’ve ever been and the deepest in love.  This was real love I felt for him  and then it was a nightmare.  I’ve never felt this kind of pain from a relationship before.  I never knew that heartbreak actually have physical pains as well as emotional.  With all that, you would think I would try to forget about him.  That I would do what it took to fill my life with joy’s so to distance myself from the memory of him.  Not me.

He was a dynamic person.  His life had stories of ups and downs, hardship, making lemonade out of lemons, extreme faith in God’s plan and underlining pain that can’t be expressed.  If anyone has read E. Lynn Harris, the character Basil really reminds me of my ex.  He isn’t famous, or in the closest but he is such a strong personality and our relationship, while brief, really it all levels of longer loves that crashed and burned.

So of course I’m turning this portion of my life into a story about instant love, a vacation fling that lasted well beyond its expiration date, and how not loving yourself can bring about destruction with more than just you as a casualty. No title as of yet but this will be my first published book if I have anything to say about it.  I’d love information from any of my followers who can assist me in publishing my book. This is actually the fifth book I have written.  While I love my other works, I’m still needed to edit those and this project I currently have a passion to write and put our there.  I am a multitasker so I have plans to work on the conclusion to my trilogy I will mention later, and another passion project of mine that my recent relationship also has given me source material for.

So get ready.  A new author is on the horizons.


3 thoughts on “He came, He left, But I got a book out of it.

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    1. Like most of my word there will be an element of my life story in it but more so fiction. Especially with this one I can say things I wanted to say to him and even did but he didn’t understand completely. It will be great.


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