Strikezone in gay dating

Three strikes and you're out is wonderful for baseball but in dating you have to be kidding me. If you're goal is to really be in a relationship with mister right, realize it takes work and setbacks to find him. So are checklist really important ion finding your mate? Let's find out. When I was... Continue Reading →


Serial or Cereal Monogamist.

I have been called a serial monogamist for most of my dating life. I hate the term as if equating an active dating life with a serial killer. I'm killing nothing and actually trying to bring to life true love by going from one failed relationship to the hope of a good one. So what... Continue Reading →


I talk about love a lot; true love that engulfs your whole being. I have been charged with not appreciating sex as a means to show your love and feelings for a person. Hmm, I'm still a believer that sex is great but not a true showing of love. Sex is an act to fulfill... Continue Reading →

Closeted Married Men

Years ago the DL black man came to the American public and rocked the world. As a gay black man I was pretty upset because it not only cased a bad light on gay men, but it was a big target on black men. The other reason I was upset was because in my many... Continue Reading →

The Artist–Movie Review

Amazing!! So fresh in an industry that does mostly remakes and stock formula movies. This was a joy to watch and refreshing. So let's get the plot out of the way. Hollywood, 1927: A silent movie star George Valentin is on tops of his game, the biggest movie star in Hollywood. At a movie premiere, an... Continue Reading →

He hit me out of love.

Some people would think it's impossible for men to be abused by other men.  We have the strength to fight back and even leave more so than a woman, right? Wrong! Abuse isn't about the lack of strength of the one being abused, but the mighty strength of the abuser. It also is more mental... Continue Reading →

To believe your own lie

It is so easy to lie to yourself. I'm happy is the easiest and most common lie there is.  I'm comfortable is a close second and let's not forget I'm fine. Courage to recognize your faults, your needs, and ask for help is in short supply in the world.  No one teaches you to be... Continue Reading →

Two can be as lonely as one.

One is the loneliest number for most but not in my experience.  I've never felt more alone than in the so-called relationships I've had in my life. I really don't know how to begin.  We all go into a relationship thinking it will be an amazing union between people who share similar interests and feelings... Continue Reading →

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