My Great Holiday Wishes

I am Buddhist and as a Buddhist I respect all people and all faiths.  For me it is the meaning of the holidays(peace on here, joy to the world, giving, family, joy) that really warms my heart and that spirit doesn’t belong to any one faith or person.  This is the reason for my season, and while I am not a Christian, I love the true holiday energy.

A lot of people get caught up in the gifting during the holiday season.  There was a time when I wanted to only receive three gifts like the baby Jesus.  I was in my early teens at the time and already I was very tired of the commercialization of Christmas.  After a while I went to not wanting anything for Christmas because I couldn’t at all see a point.  Christmas lost all meaning to me.  I didn’t even want to join in on family gatherings, listen to Christmas music, or recognize the holiday in any way.  These things can happen when the truth is replaced by greed and consumption.

I’d like to thank my Buddhist principles for bring Christmas back into my life. I have been able to see what Christmas brings to all people and that has energize me to join in on the well wishes.  My great holiday wish is for the true meaning of Christmas to be brought into the lives of every soul everyday not just during Christmas.  My great holiday wish is to return the greeting card slogans of peace on earth and good will to men back to a real way of life.

If you can give to the Salvation Army on Christmas, why not on Leap day?  If you can send a sweet card to an old friend on Christmas, why not on the third Thursday of every month? Why do people have to wait for Hallmark, Walmart, and Hollywood movies to tell them be kind and loving to your fellow man?

My Great Holiday Wish is to bring back compassion and love.  If it’s there during Christmas, it’s always there. Let it out.


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