Walked away with my stuff.

I was watching  “For Colored Girls” and the poem Loretta Devine performed got me thinking. To be in love, you have to give yourself completely to the other person.  It is one of the reasons love is so intense.  You cant give 30, 50 or even 80 percent if you want to get everything love has to offer.  The other great things about love is being surprised when your fears don’t come true.  Feeling like he might leave but loving it when he doesn’t.  Thinking she will forget about your late meeting and excited to see a plate of dinner waiting for you. The surprise when someone is there for you all of the time, listens and cares for you; this only comes when you are 100 percent invested in love.

But sometimes that love will take you for all you’ve got.  You wake up and not only is love gone, your confidence is gone, your trust is gone, your faith is gone, and you are gone right a long with love.  That joy you always have before love, that was amplified during love is now a distance memory because love walked away with it.  You’re favorite outfit that showed off your hard work at the gym, that made you feel untouchable, leaves you feeling numb because love walked away with your confidence.

This is the risk of love. You give love what you feel it needs to flourish.  Love doesn’t take, it accepts only what you offer it. When you decide your temple is ready to be shared with your love, that is your decision to give. That sweet treasure that you buried for only those worthy to hunt for it, you give them the map.  They follow the tracks, avoid the traps and succeed to dig it up and it is their choice what to do with it next.  You’re love might be true but theirs could be for opportunistic motives.

So what is there to do? Love will walk away with some of your stuff but not all of it. I myself have learned to love 100 percent of the time and while my love hasn’t lasted, there is always the possibility in the next relationship.  That is my truth. And while heart break is never enjoyable, one can only revel in the greatness of love by excepting the possibility of heartbreak.

But I hate when love walks away with my damn stuff. (I want my IPod back).


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