Movie Review-Sherlock Holmes


If you enjoyed the first Sherlock Holmes, there is no doubt you will love the sequel.  Game of Shadows retains most of the best qualities of the first film: Downey’s charm; the witty banter and strong chemistry between Holmes and Watson; the slow-motion sequences that illustrate Holmes’ analytical powers at work; action sequences shot in Guy Ritchie style. I loved not once but three times we saw Holmes fast forward in his mind the action sequences, before it actually happened, and then see it unfold just as he planned.

One of the best things about the sequel is the competition and genius of Moriarty. If you’ve ever read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, Guy Richie did a wonderful job of creating the true essence of a criminal mastermind.  While my feeble mind could not put all the points together, I loved how Holmes(in classic manic style) pieces his plan together to take him on. Oh and I loved the end sequence where you also get to see Moriarty’s analytical powers at work during the fight scenes.

It also was a joy to see Moriarty make the decision to take Holmes on and out of the picture.  The movie, while a race for Holmes and Watson to stop Moriarty’s master plan, it was Moriarty trying to eliminate the duo that brought all the amazing action sequences this movie was filled with.  And it was so amazing in slow motion at key points in the action.

Robert Downey Jr, is amazing as usual.  He always has amazing charm and wit, and this role showcases that plus some great physical acting as well. Jude Law(Watson) was more so a set up for Downey but we were able to get more depth in Watson’s need for a normal life, and his hatred of the enjoyment he finds in the crazy games of Holmes.

My single joy was Noomi Rapace( original actress for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies) . I love hear acting style and look. It’s exciting to see her bring those talents to the US audience in such a grand movie.  My hope is she will be able to continue being a part of the Hollywood machine.  And of course I will be extremely critical of the new version of Dragon Tattoo.

Should you see the movie? Yes!!! Is it long? Yes!!! But I do feel it was worth it.  Great movie. The film is sure to entertain those who like a nonstop action flick with a few comedic moments, and there are many comedic movies.


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