Week Two of Redemption

Well week two is complete and while again very slow(I’m not in a rush), I’m making more progress. Without putting all of my business out there so quickly, I did a lot of housekeeping.  The ex love has completely erased himself from my life.  He deleted me from facebook after I decided I was not going to visit him in NY just so he can ride back with me and hang out with those he met after we broke up.  I’m not your chauffeur.  Sad part is I still wanted to go. I wanted to see him.  But I thought about other plans for my holiday. These plans I had thought about before meeting him and being more focused on my joy for the first time in life, I put me first and not him and like most ADULT BABIES(yesterday’s blog post) he through a tantrum, hung up on me and the rest is history.  But he let me know I was being selffish in the process. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

So with him out of the picture, I am moving on to re-establishing my old friendship and making new ones.  I will be starting my new workout program next week as well as my new book. Next week’s redemption post will update you on those successes. I’m thrilled at my blog performance and look forward to more readers and followers.

So everyone enjoy your weekend.  I know I will.


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