Adult Babies. Where is the bottle?

Okay this post is nothing but me letting out my frustrations but I’m very sure I’m not alone here.  This is not about one person(although my recent experience with that one person who hurt me bad is the reason behind this post but oh well) but I have met the biggest babies as of late and all of them are over 30.

So here is the rundown on adult baby behavior:

  • Hanging up the phone when you are frustrated
  • Yelling to get your point across
  • Having no self control and yelling again when they are called on it
  • Yelling over the other person who is calm and trying to explain
  • Not hearing anything you said opting to what they think you said
  • Becoming silent when you are in a discussion because they have nothing good to say
  • Going out all night and drinking till you black out.

All of that is a big tantrum and most of these same men consider themselves to be mature, respectful and compassionate.  So you open the door for me, my mother and the stranger behind you, but you yell when I say no to something you want.  I’m ridculous because I expect you to share with me when you will be late or unable to come by when you said you would.  When I ask to talk about something I am having difficulties with, I’m all about drama but again you are yelling. When I share my bad day, you see it as complaining and not just wanting to let it out with my man rubbing my shoulders.

These adult look just like other adults.  They are only recognizable once you devote time and effort to get to know them and then they have an episode. These episodes can look like Terrets or Bi-Polar disorder.  Beware. They can seem wonderful but one episode turns into two and so on. They have amazing charisma and will pull you in before they show there second face(no they aren’t all Geminis, but those Geminis are crazy).

You must hold your ground with them. They continue their ways because we let them get away with it.  They are a master of turning the situation around to make you look like the baby.  Don’t let them get away with it.

Remember, only you can prevent the spread of Adult Babies.


5 thoughts on “Adult Babies. Where is the bottle?

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  1. As some one who values communication very much, even in the best of circumstances, things can break down. Most of your bullet points can and do unfold, even among couples with the best of intentions who try hard. Making ourselves vulnerable in relationships sometimes comes with fear, and this fear manifests itself in behaviors that would anyone cringe if caught on “tape.” As long as men are committed to trying harder and working on these issues, these “babies” can grow up over time. And, it’s often a joy to watch them really blossom. 🙂

    PS: The “Going out all night and drinking till you black out” bullet point is less common among “babies.” And, more common among self-destructive under developed adults.


    1. Thank you for your comment. While it is true these communication break downs happen, the reason I characterize them as Adult Babies because they are through fits until they get their way. When you are unwilling or unable to communicate properly, that is when you are being an Adult Baby. The emphasis is on pulling every trick in the book to get what you want without considering the other person. And as for the “Drinking all night” that is an adult activity. The baby part comes into play when you consume over your limit and are out of control. When you don’t use your adult intelligence to control yourself. Babies lack the ability to control themselves until taught. Adult babies use the tricks of a baby to drive situations.


  2. well I am guilty with one of them i am known to be quiet when i have nothing good to say but I am a quiet person in general and I am real good at turning points around on people but I am not a gemini I am a big kid stubborn and can throw a tantrum at times too


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