Gay men and Straight Men–Only one difference.

The only difference between gay men and straight me is who we have sex with. There are Straight men who groom themselves more than women and Gay men who hate cologne and know nothing about product.  There are  Gay men who are always under the hood of a car and Straight men who can’t locate the windshield wiper fluid container.  The notion that Gay men are always into female specific activities and Straight men are all macho has a dated and incorrect idea.

The few straight men I am friends with always comment that they envy gay men because they have more sex.  I can’t say if that is true but I know the opportunity for sex is higher in the gay community.  The main reason is that we are men.  Men have that “plant your seed and procreate” mentality and with two men that is double the energy.  Women are more in line with the “one mate for life” which have them de-emphasizing sex in search of a forever mate.  Straight men are caught in the middle, wanting sex all the time but having less women interested in purely sex for the sake of sex.

Okay gay men, don’t get all in a huff, there are plenty of gay men that also want a husband and forever mate.  Those men(myself included) are not as visible.  Also(and yes I am a victim of it as well), with a majority of the gay men I come in contact with just wanting sex, I have become a follower, not wanting to seem out of place even more.  As a gay man, I am already looked about as being different, who really wants to make themselves an outcast among other outcast?

I have struggled from time to time being on the path for love and on the path to my next sexual encounter but lucky for me I’m back on the path to love(with minor layovers). Straight men have the occasional fun mostly in their younger days as some straight women haven’t fully adopted their coupling instincts. And of course there are women who think as men do and are just out for sexual gratification. But to think that promiscuity is a alignment of just gay men is ridiculous. If the number of sex minded women was higher, plenty of straight men would be having a ball like gay men.

All I can say with certainty is love is love and sex is sex.  Do what feels right to you and remember you main purpose in life. To my gay brothers in arms, at some point sex wont be as pleasurable as it seems now.  By the time some of you wake up to that far, you are advanced in age and not as appealing to those looking for a husband.  Do you really want to be that old man on the corner who calls customer service for company?  Do you want to really look at your account statement and see monthly payments to Manhunt, TLAvideo, and the local bath house? And was that 30 minute hook up really more passionate than the all night heated passionate encounter with the man you lover more than, Cher?

Something to think about.


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  1. Very interesting!! I agree love is love & sex is sex, this is a distinction not many people can make, or get our heads around, gay or straight, man or woman!! There is no wrong or right way or answer to this. Society ‘constructs’ the meaning of our behavoiurs throughout our lives. None of us are born with any preconcieved ideas of ‘who we are’ or ‘how we are supposed to behave’. It is up to us as ‘individuals’ to find what works for ‘us’. Not to judge others for the choices they may make in their lives. This is the important thing for ‘all of us’ to remember throughout our lives!! 😉 😉


  2. Very nice article.I am also gay but always have been confused between love and sex between men.some gays always wanted to do sex with their partners.I have never did sex with any man but I want to love a man.I want to kiss him.make intimacy..


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